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We offer unsurpassed personal spa services, based on Luciana Rubertoni's programs.  Signature Services include Massage Therapy, Infrared Therapy, and Personal Training.

Our Story

Luciana Rubertoni has over 20 years experience in the health, fitness and massage business.  The best Massage Therapy and Infrared Therapy in San Diego.

Meet the Owner

Season Fitness and Wellness started by Luciana Rubertoni in 2016.  Living an active life in San Diego California with surfing in the summer and snowboarding in the winter, inspired Luciana to create a unique business offering therapy and fitness programs helping clients live an active, healthy lifestyle.

Luciana Rubertoni

Owner, Licensed Massage Therapist

At the age of five, Luciana remembers Kung Foo movies and being fascinated with the Martial Arts.  She wanted to learn the ninja movements like flips and back handsprings, and asked her Mom to take her to practice gymnastics.  Brazil did not have good gymnastics classes at the time, so Luciana took ballet and dance classes instead.  After 9 years of dancing, Luciana enrolled in college to study Physical Education at Fefisa University in Santo Andre.  During her college education Luciana was fascinated with the human anatomy and learned the power of well designed physical therapy programs.  She became focused on mastering her profession by studying the human body at the deepest level.  Luciana practiced physical therapy in Brazil before moving to the United States in 2007.  For the past 10 years she has continued to master her profession in the United States and graduated from the Healing Arts School in San Diego and received her massage therapy  license from the State of California.  Luciana has also been a certified group fitness instructor through the Les Mills Fitness Programs for the past 15 years.

Luciana Rubertoni Certified Massage Therapist State of California License CMT#2364
Education: School of Healing Arts, San Diego, California • 500 Hours, Trained Massage Therapy Physical Therapy University of Sao Marcos, Brazil • Physiotherapy, Masters Degree (in progress) FEFISA Physical Education University of Santo Andre, Brazil • Physical Education, Bachelors Degree

Work Experience: Massage Envy, San Diego, California • Massage Therapist Private Clients, Sao Paulo, Brazil • Massage Therapy and Physical Therapy Chiropractor and Acupuncture Clinic of Sao Paulo, Brazil • Assistant Chiropractor Villa Sport of Santo Andre, Brazil • Fitness Instructor Nautilus Club, Itanhaem, Brazil • Hydro Therapist

Volunteer Work: Sukyo Mahikari Temple of Santo Andre, Brazil • Okiyome Energy Therapist

Awards: Skydive Formation World Record Attempt, Brazil National Freestyle Skydiving Champion, Brazil World Freestyle Air Games 14th place, Spain

Licenses and Certificates: Certified Massage Therapist #2364 , State of California,United States Body Systems Trainer, Body Systems, Latin America Healing Herbs Specialist, Dr Edward Bach, United Kingdom Chiropractics Therapist, AQUI, Brazilian Institute of Chiropractics Massage Therapist, Holistic University of Santo Andre, Brazil Bio-Energetic Massage Therapist, SENAC, National Learning Center, Brazil Artistic Gymnastic Trainer, Yashi Olympic Gymnasium, Brazil

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